GSM Network Basics

An Introduction to GSM Networks




A Mobile Intelligent Network (MIN) is a telecommunications concept that meets the market demand for advanced services within the existing telephony network, from both the network operator’s and service provider’s perspective. The intelligence in the MIN is realized in computer software and data. The ultimate objective of MIN is to increase revenue for the network operator and the service provider.

IN Network Architecture

IN Network Architecture

Advantages of MIN

  • Increased subscriber numbers due to more attractive services

  • Increased revenue due to use of services

  • Increased subscriber loyalty

  • Increased flexibility in deploying services in a network

  • Decreased development time for services

  • Reusability of service modules

MIN services

  • Personal Number

  • Pre-Paid SIM Card

  • Cellular Virtual Private Network (CVPN)

  • Information and business (I&B)




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